Light Industry of Russia

The light industry is a part of a cluster of sectors that manufacture consumer goods.

The industry produces above 40% of all non-foods in the group.

  • To date, the industry embraces 20,000 businesses and has 292,000 employees.

  • The light industry holds 1.04% of the total market share.

  • Russia ranks 2nd in the global ranking of the fastest growing apparel markets (with GAGR of 9.9%).

The light industry production can be divided into four main groups:


    Production of yarn, threads and fabrics by processing plant, animal, artificial and synthetic fibers (flax, hemp, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, viscose, cellulose, nonwovens)


    Production of natural and artificial leather, fur, sheepskin, as well as production of leather goods (footwear, fur products, accessories)


    Production of garments (clothing, underwear, textile accessories, home textiles and interior items, designer collections)


    Production of high-tech innovative materials and products therefrom (workwear, personal protective equipment, geotextiles for roadworks and construction, smart clothes)

In January-May 2022, the shipments of domestically manufactured light industry goods amounted to RUB 427.5 billion or 120.2% of the shipments, year-on-year.

This includes:

  • RUB 217.7 billion (+17.2%): from production of textiles;
  • RUB 153.3 billion (+27.4%) : from apparel production;
  • RUB 56.4 billion (+13.6%) : from production of leather and leather items.
  • Manufacturing distribution in 2022:

  • 51
    of the market comes from production of textiles
  • 36
    of the market comes from production of apparel;
  • 13
    of the market comes from production of leather and leather items