There are 20,000 light industry enterprises operating in Russia: Clothing, textile, leather, footwear and fur factories, fashion industry enterprises, as well as companies oriented to the manufacturing of innovative products.

Light industry is part of a group of sectors that relate to items purchased by individuals and households.

  • The industry accounts for over 40% of all non-food products in this group.

  • The light industry has 1.2% of the total market volume.

  • Russia is listed in the global ranking as the 2nd fastest growing clothing market.

The light industry production can be divided into four main groups:


    production of yarn, threads and fabrics by processing plant, animal, artificial and synthetic fibers (flax, hemp, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, viscose, cellulose, nonwovens)


    production of natural and artificial leather, fur, sheepskin, as well as production of leather goods (footwear, fur products, accessories)


    production of garments (clothing, underwear, textile accessories, home textiles and interior items, designer collections)


    production of high-tech innovative materials and products therefrom (workwear, personal protective equipment, geotextiles for roadworks and construction, smart clothes)

Light industry is a complex industry with more than 20 types of products, which are subsequently applied in many areas of government activities, including in the automotive industry, aircraft engineering, construction, medicine, agriculture, sports and military affairs.

Therefore, the development of light industry can be considered as a lever for the development of the state. Including:

  • RUB 203 billion (+31.5%): manufacture of textiles
  • RUB 137 billion (+3.7%): manufacture of clothing
  • RUB 52 billion (+33.1%): manufacture of leather and leather products
  • The light industry structure in early 2021:

  • 48
    manufacture of textiles
  • 40
    manufacture of clothing
  • 12
    manufacture of leather and leather products


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